Welcome to the Thomas Jefferson Adult and Career Education Center (TJACE) practice GED website! TJACE is a non-profit organization serving adults in the Central Virginia region. TJACE prides itself on providing Virginian adults equal opportunity and services to excel in future careers.

Within the pages of this website, current and prospective students are able to hone their skills by taking GED Preparation and ESL instruction quizzes. The hope is that this preparation will supplement what is learned in TJACE taught courses. Feel free to browse through the site. If you would like to learn more about TJACE click here.

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Question of the Day

1. After your interview, you should follow up with the interviewer by __________________________.

  • sending a brief thank you note or email
  • asking if they have hired anyone yet
  • emphasizing in an email that you really need the job
  • stopping by to see if the position is still open
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Correct Answer = sending a brief thank you note or email
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